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About the Baxter Science @ Work Program

About the Baxter Science @ Work Program

In 2008, Baxter International Inc. launched Science@Work: Expanding Minds with Real-World Science, a multi-year commitment to Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to support teacher training and student development in healthcare and biotechnology. The program is the largest corporate donation to biotechnology education in CPS history. In the 2009-2010 school year, the program reached more than 32,000 students and nearly 300 teachers in 150 schools. Baxter also continued its work with the Lindblom Math and Science Academy's Biotechnology Center of Excellence and the Illinois Institute of Technology Instructional Development Program to provide in-depth biotechnology teacher training and lesson plans to 90 CPS high school teachers.

The IIT High School Transformation Project provided significant attention to the integration of biotechnology into the science curriculum. Funding for this came from a government grant. When the three year grant from the Department of Education ended, Baxter International graciously welcomed IIT into its Biotechnology efforts. Baxter's funding continues today and the results of this funding are manifest in the activities and lesson plans that can be found on this website. IIT continues to have biotechnology workshops for teachers and we continue to distribute materials, due to the generosity of Baxter International, Inc.

Please let us know what you like about the resources presented on this website and please let us know what else you would like to see.

Dr. Norman G. Lederman
Distinguished Professor
Mathematics and Science Education

Biotechnology Model Lessons

IIT is dedicated to achieving the project's goals by designing a curriculum that enhances foundational science knowledge and inquiry skills through authentic and relevant learning experiences. The curriculum focuses on biology within a framework of National and State Standards. In addition, the curriculum accommodates the needs of diverse learners, including special needs and ELL students. While integrating appropriate technology with language arts to enhance student learning of science, language, and scientific literacy.




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