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Finger Print Activity

This activity extends a discussion from plants (i.e., sunflower seed activity) to our body in terms of biological variation. The importance of a data analysis in finding a pattern embedded in raw data is addressed in this activity.

During this activity, students investigate what type of finger prints is dominant. Students rub the pencil on the blank paper to make a black spot and rub their index finger on it. Then, they roll the inked finger onto the sticky side of a piece of Scotch tape and remove it slowly. Post-it notes on which the finger-print Scotch tape is attached are displayed on the black board.

A debriefing focuses on the idea that when scientists make observations and collect data, they not only think about those observations and then they start reorganizing their information in a way that makes it easier to interpret both visually and mathematically. It can also be addressed that the conclusion that students draw in class should be tentative because it is possible to find a different pattern of finger prints among different samples.

Materials: 2B pencils, Scotch tapes, post-it notes, magnifying glasses, finger print chart

Possible Scenario