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Owl Pellet Activities

1. Owl pellet

Through this activity students can learn the structure of animal skeletons.

A pellet is a compressed ball of indigestible parts of owls' victims and students are asked to sort the bones out and match those bones to the template of vole skeletons.


Owl pellets, tweezers, toothpicks, wax papers, template of vole skeletons, magnifying glasses

Possible Scenario

2. Disarticulated skeletons

Students would be expected to apply their prior knowledge about skeletons from the owl pellet activity to a new task on the disarticulated skeletons.

Students are given a bag of skeletons and asked to put them together using their prior knowledge about skeletons in order to answer the questions: what the animal is and why they think so.


Sets of animal skeletons such as a cat, a rabbit, and a mink

Possible Scenario

3. Mystery bones

The both activities above deal with land animals. But, this mystery bones come from a flying animal. Again, students' prior knowledge about skeletons would influence their inferences on these mystery bones.

Students get pre-cut mystery bones and are asked to put them together in a way that makes sense. Then, they are asked to come up with an explanation about how this dinosaur looked like and moved around.

Through this series of activities, how scientists' prior knowledge influences their scientific work can be explicitly addressed.


Mystery bone template

Possible Scenario