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Periodic Table Activity

This activity aims to integrate aspects of nature of science and scientific inquiry within the lesson for the concept of the periodic table.

Students are asked to arrange a variety of pieces of data (i.e., 23 different cards) based on characteristics of the data. They are also informed that there is a missing card and asked to find out what characteristics the missing card has. Therefore, this activity involves students in finding patterns of the given cards and predicting one missing card.

The NOS discussion focuses on how scientific knowledge is subject to change when given new data or new perspective and how creativity and human subjectivity are involved in developing scientific knowledge.

In terms of knowledge about scientific inquiry, students are explicitly taught that scientific explanations emphasize evidence, have logically consistent argument, and use scientific principles, models, and theories.


24 cards with six properties (color, notches in the side, holes in the middle, numbers on top, and numbers on the bottom)

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