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Tricky Tracks Activity

This activity can be typically used to introduce students to the NOS. ‘Tricky Tracks!' conveys to students the message that every single idea of theirs counts irrespective of it being the ‘correct' answer. The activity aims to help students distinguish between observation and inference and realize that, based on the same set of evidence (observations, or data), several answers to the same question may be equally valid.

Students are given foot print 1 and asked what they observe. In fact, students would tell you their inferences like “tracks left by birds” without knowing they are inferring. Showing additional foot prints, the distinction between observation and inference can be discussed.

Possible Scenario

Video Clips

Activity 1 2 3


Tricky tracks 1 2 3 (You can also cut off Tricky track 3 into three parts so that you can show students each part in sequence).