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Perspectives/IIT Mathematics and Science Academy

After several years of planning, curriculum and teacher preparation, the Perspectives/IIT Math and Science Academy opened in September 2008 with 270 students in grades 6, 7 and 9. Partnering with IIT, Perspectives Charter Schools' newest campus is dedicated to developing critical thinking skills in all students. The school has now expanded to grades 6-12 serving over 700 students from around the city.

Located near IIT in the Bronzeville community, Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy is centered on scientific inquiry and problem solving in math, science and all subjects. Academic rigor and relevance are at the core of the Perspectives model. Supported by the principles of A Disciplined Life, students are expected to achieve at high levels. Perspectives/IIT provides students with a "college for certain" environment, where students are exposed to the possibilities of post-secondary education and required to apply to at least five colleges before graduation.

Perspectives Charter Schools is a growing network of tuition-free, high performing, public charter schools. Founded in 1993 by Kim Dixon and Diana Shulla-Cose, two young Chicago Public Schools teachers, Perspectives started as a small "school within a school". The co-founders believed strongly in the advantages of a small school environment which offers students more personal attention, a sense of individual importance and belonging, and affords teachers a greater opportunity to provide guidance, resources, and one-on-one time to students. Chartered in 1997 as one of the first five charter schools in Chicago, Perspectives has earned its national reputation as a model of how a small school with innovative, effective education can transform urban schooling.

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