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CUDA Research and Teaching Center

Berrocal, Raicu, Krieder, Lan

NVIDIA has selected the CS department to be one of its 2013-2014 CUDA Research and Teaching Centers, committed to advancing the state of parallel GPU research and education using the CUDA™ C/C++ programming model. The department has received a number of CUDA-capable GPUs (two Tesla K20 GPUs and five GTX480s)  and ten Massively Parallel Programming books for research and teaching purposes, plus $12K for teaching assistance.

The centers are led by two faculty members (Ioan Raicu and Zhiling Lan) and two Ph.D. students (Scott Krieder and Eduardo Berrocal).

(Photo: Berrocal, Raicu, Krieder, Lan)

Links to IIT’s CUDA Research Center

Last updated: 8/31/2013