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IIT Takes 4th Place in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Mid-Central U.S. Region

A team from Illinois Institute of Technology recently took fourth place in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), Mid-Central U.S. Region. The competition was held on November 1 at the University of Chicago and was sponsored by IBM and ACM. More than 150 teams from five states competed.

The IIT-A team, composed of undergraduate students Andrei Dumitru (CS), Benjamin Grimmer (CS) and Todor Markov (AMAT), was one of only four teams that solved eight of the nine problems; no team solved all nine.

Illinois Tech’s team nearly took second place, which would have sent them to the ICPC World Finals, to be held next year in Marrakesh, Morocco. During the last 15 minutes of the five-hour competition, however, teams from the University of Chicago and University of Illinois completed their eighth problems and used tiebreaking points to push the IIT team into fourth place. Timothy Smith, a member of the third-place University of Illinois team, is an IIT alumnus (CE’13) and was a member of IIT’s 2012 world finals team.