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Kilpatrick Awards for Chemistry Students

Bofan Zhu, a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry, was awarded the Kilpatrick Fellowship for the academic year 2013–2014. Zhu is working on designing new composite materials for coaxing neuronal differentiation of stem cells. Khwaila Falaneh (CHEM 3rd year) and Tom Vukson (now CHEM 4th year) both received Kilpatrick undergraduate scholar awards. Falaneh worked with James McNeely (Ph.D. CHEM ‘13), senior research associate, on novel Cr+++ compounds that may have applications as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging and diabetes control. Her work was submitted to the journal Polyhedron. Vukson has been working with Aditya Unni, assistant professor of chemistry, on improving the synthesis of Salinosporamide A, a cancer treatment drug.