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Tanya Bekyarova

Tanya Bekyarova, Ph.D.

Associate Chair, Department of Biology
Program Director of M.S. and Ph.D. Programs, Department of Biology (except for Pre-health and Applied Life Sciences programs)






182D Robert A. Pritzker Science Center


M.S. in Biology and Chemistry, University of Plovdiv
Ph.D. in Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology

Research & Accomplishments 

My Ph.D. research work was focused on understanding the structure and function of muscles, with a specific emphasis on indirect flight muscles and cardiac muscle regulation.


Biology, Biophysics


Bekyarova, T. I., Baumann, B. A .J., Reedy, M. C., Tregear, R. T., Ward, A., Krzic, U., Prince, K. M., Reconditi, M., Gore, D., Irving, T. C., and Reedy, M. K. “Crossbridges as Passive Brakes: Reverse Actin Sliding Triggers Strong Myosin Binding That Moves Tropomyosin”PNAS 105:10372-10377 (2008).

Colson, B. A., Bekyarova, T. I., Locher, M.R., Fitzsimons, D. P., Irving, T. C., and Moss, R.L. “Protein Kinase A-Mediated Phosphorylation of cMyBP-C Increases Proximity of Myosin Heads to Actin in Resting Myocardium” Circulation Research 103(3):244-51 (2008).

Colson, B. A., Bekyarova, T. I., Fitzsimons, D. P., Irving, T. C., and Moss, R. L. “ Radial displacement of myosin cross-bridges in mouse myocardium due to ablation of myosin binding protein-C” J. Mol. Biol. 367:36–41 (2007).

Squire, J. M., Bekyarova, T. I., Farman, G., Gore, D., Rajkumar, G., Knupp, C., Lucaveche, C., Reedy, M. C., Reedy, M. K., and Irving, T. C. “The myosin filament superlattice in the flight muscles of flies: A-band lattice optimization for stretch-activation?” J. Mol. Biol.361:823-38 (2006).

Dickinson, M., Farman, G., Frye, M., Bekyarova, T. I., Gore, D., Maughan, D., and Irving, T. “Molecular dynamics of cyclically contracting insect flight muscle in vivoNature 433:330-333 (2005).

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