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Spring 2016, Internship at graduation: League Trading, LLC
The MMF program introduced me to both the theoretical side and practical side of the mathematical finance world and helped me find my passion in mathematical finance. The program is well structured and progressive, starting from the core of mathematical finance, namely stochastic processes...
Spring 2016, Employment at graduation: Envestnet Inc.
The program was very well structured. With the core courses, we got the strong mathematical knowledge required for pricing and hedging derivatives and other financial modeling. Then we had courses on specific financial markets and financial programming...
Spring 2012, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
The next stop for Tao Chen (MMF ’12, Ph.D. AMAT ’16) is the sunny campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the weather averages 65 to 75 degrees year-round. UC-Santa Barbara is perched on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean, and it even features its own beach. Chen will be a visiting assistant professor there, carrying out research in stochastic analysis with applications to mathematical finance, and teaching probability, stochastics, or math finance.
Spring 2014
As far as I am concerned, this program benefited me a lot. It helped me learn profiles of many kinds of financial products as well as helped me have a better understanding of stochastic process.
Spring 2009, Employment at graduation: BarChart Inc.
The mathematical finance degree gave me an advantage which helped me secure a job in the midst of an economic downturn, even though my ultimate goal was not simply finding a secure and comfortable career. I feel the primary benefit of this program comes from the financial math classes and the practical trading classes from the business school, together with the extensive programming training which employers greatly value in today's market.
Spring 2012, Employment at graduation: Bancolombia, Colombia
Before joining the MMF program, I was working as a currency options trader. My company was planning to start dealing some exotics and I felt I needed to have a better knowledge of the concepts related to these products. The program definitively helped me understand each of the essential topics that built mathematical finance theory.
I obtained a systematic education in financial and mathematical models. I was very satisfied by the arrangement of courses, as well as the professors' teaching methods. It's not a program only focusing on the theories, but also involving many projects related to practical problems.
Spring 2012, Employment at graduation: Volatility Exchange (VolX)
During my two years in the IIT MMF program, I thoroughly enjoyed the courses. The program is very well structured: the core financial math courses gave me a solid theoretical math background needed for pricing and hedging derivatives, while other courses offered me a solid understanding of real market problems, so that I can now effectively apply what I’ve learned in my work as a quant.
Spring 2009, Employment at graduation: Ph.D. student at Illinois Institute of Technology
I was admitted to IIT MMF program in the fall of 2007, where I learned from highly qualified faculty from both the Applied Math Department and Stuart School of Business, and was offered internships through several of the professors who are also involved in industry.
Spring 2013, Employment at graduation: FactSet Research Systems Inc.
I love this program so much. The curriculum has a balanced combination of theory and practice. The professors from the mathematical department give great lectures from theoretical stochastic processes to classical mathematical finance theory to frontier credit risk modeling.
Spring 2016
The MMF program is really a worthy program that will prepare you well for positions in quantitative analysis in financial industries.
Spring 2014, Employment at graduation: FactSet Research Systems Inc.
During my two years at IIT, I received a comprehensive and well-structured mathematical education which gave me a solid mathematical background. The classes in credit risk modeling and in fixed income modeling play a key role in quant work.
Spring 2014, Employment at graduation: CME Group
I felt confidence when I went into the interviews with big companies such as KPMG, Citadel and OCC, because I was well prepared by the MMF program on both math and coding.
Spring 2016, Employment at graduation: ADM Investor Services
The MMF program provides outstanding faculty like Professors Bielecki, Cialenco and Hickernell, who conduct highly successful research at the forefront of their fields. Professors not only gave serious math and finance training to students, but they also were very friendly and provided advice.
Spring 2014, Employment at graduation: Graduate student at Illinois Institute of Technology
Professors of this program are great. Being leaders in their field, they provide us with cutting-edge knowledge of math and finance. Moreover, they are always helpful in getting us employment opportunities.
Spring 2016, Employment at graduation: ARB TG
Among other things, I learned C++ for finance and became very familiar with MATLAB for numerical calculations and Monte Carlo simulations. I also became quite good at Python. All are widely used and even required for nearly all quant positions...