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Master of Chemistry in Materials Chemistry with a Concentration in Inorganic, Organic, or Polymeric Materials

32 Credit Hours
Comprehensive Examination

The professional master’s program in materials chemistry is a part–time, online program designed for scientists who wish to broaden their background in synthesis, characterization, and properties of materials and chemical systems. The program combines modern materials design and synthesis strategies with innovative characterization techniques, along with computational and simulation methods. It also reinforces professional skills in project management, technical communication, and intellectual property management, teaching you how to lead teams in problem–solving strategies.

It is structured to provide opportunities to develop a broad understanding of materials synthesis and characterization, learn to design and manage projects, and sharpen intellectual property management and communication skills. This combination of professional know-how and workplace readiness will help you build a broader set of marketable skills and open career possibilities.


Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis, but you are expected to hold a bachelor's degree in science or engineering with at least two semesters of organic chemistry and two semesters of calculus. Your academic advisor will assist you in determining whether any prerequisites are necessary.

You are required to submit academic transcripts, one letter of recommendation, an application fee, and a professional statement with your application. GRE scores are required for international students, domestic students with an undergraduate GPA between 2.5 and 3.0, or at the request of the admissions committee. The minimum GRE score for admissions consideration is 300 [quantitative + verbal] and 2.5 [analytical writing].

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Program Requirements 

Program Contact 


Program Director
M. Ishaque Khan, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
Illinois Institute of Technology
Life Sciences 204, 3101 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60616
tel: 312.567.3431
fax: 312.567.3494

Director, Professional Master's Programs and New Initiatives
Elizabeth Friedman, Ph.D.
College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
tel: 312.567.7973

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