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Master of Data Science

Data science is about sensemaking. We live in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and fast-changing world – leaders and organizations of all kinds need data scientists to help them make sense of it all and make better decisions. 

In Illinois Tech's premier Master of Data Science program, you will learn to use high-level mathematics, statistics, and computer science to be such a sensemaker; knowing how to:

  • find and collect relevant datasets
  • analyze high volumes and improve the structure of data
  • question underlying premises
  • construct and test hypotheses by creating and evaluating models
  • discover patterns and provide solutions
  • develop narratives that make sense
  • visualize your results
  • articulate your discoveries

A special feature of Illinois Tech’s Master of Data Science program is the data science practicum, during which students work in teams to help solve real-world data science problems for clients, with guidance from Illinois Tech faculty. Our project partners are diverse, including local companies and nonprofits as well as academic units within the university. 

The Master of Data Science is offered to full-time students on the Mies Campus, just minutes south of the Chicago Loop, a global center of commerce, transportation, and communication. Chicago’s businesses rely on amassing data in finance, consumer services, retail, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing, in addition to professional sports, tourism, and cultural activities. In this international city on the shores of Lake Michigan, data science students have the opportunity to engage in Chicago’s thriving tech community and derive direct benefit from free access to Chicago’s wealth of municipal data. 

Those of you working part-time in the U.S. and Canada have the option of taking your classes online.

For detailed information, visit: the data science program frequently asked questionsprogram requirements, the curriculum, and practicum partners pages.

For more information about Data Science at Illinois Tech, contact the Director of Data Science.
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