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Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

Program Overview

M.S. program in Applied Mathematics at Illinois Tech serves a dual purpose based on the background and career aims of the individual student. For students who want to pursue a doctoral degree in Applied Mathematical Sciences, it provides a strong foundation that prepares the student for the challenges of Ph.D. coursework and research. For students who want to pursue careers in industry, it trains students in advanced mathematical techniques and models that make them appealing to future employers. The program gives remarkable flexibility for students to pursue a curriculum ranging from a traditional M.S. with thesis to a modern M.S. with a choice of specialization in a wide variety of contemporary applied fields in Mathematics.
Students in this program will choose one of the three options of study:

(a) writing an M.S. Thesis; 
(b) passing two qualifying exams; 
(c) an industry-based project.  

In addition, students can pursue a specialization in: 

Students satisfying the requirements of a specialization will receive a degree of M.S. Applied Mathematics in that specialization to be officially stated in the university transcript.

Partial tuition scholarships available on competitive basis.

For more details on M.S. in Applied Mathematics contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Igor Cialenco


Admission normally requires a bachelor's degree in mathematics, applied mathematics or related quantitative fields. Candidates whose degree is in another field (for example, computer science, physics, or engineering) and whose background in mathematics is strong are also eligible for admission and are encouraged to apply. Students must remove deficiencies in essential undergraduate courses that are prerequisites for the degree program, in addition to fulfilling all other degree requirements. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0 is usually required. Applicants must submit Graduate Record Examination scores, with the minimum score of 304 (quantitative + verbal) 2.5 (analytical writing). At least two letters of recommendation are required. A TOEFL score of 80 is required if an applicant is from a non-English speaking country. 

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Program Requirements 

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