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Data Science Alumni Spotlight: Meet Denis


Denis Bajic

Big Data Analyst, Bank of America, Chicago, IL
Graduation Year: 2017

Denis Bajic sees the Illinois Tech data science program as a key factor in his current professional success.

He greatly appreciates its hands-on approach to solving actual problems using tools and theories as an effective learning experience. It gives students the opportunity to actively get involved, confront challenges, and show their capabilities to the world outside of Illinois Tech. He recommends Illinois Tech for its unique instruction methods. Bajic said, “Instead of just conveying the theory, they really encourage you to explore how you can use your knowledge to solve problems and make a real difference in society. They teach you how to think on your feet, explore multiple solutions to problems, and how to convey that information to people who may not understand all the finer details.” Read how Bajic and another student used knowledge from the data science program to study “basketball analytics” to improve individual performance.

Bajic grew up on the Southwest Side of Chicago and has always had a deep interest in math. At age 12, he discovered that “programming” was cool and acted on that passion by enrolling in the undergraduate computer science program at Illinois Tech. In December 2015, he graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and applied mathematics.

As an early graduate of the data science program, Bajic offers the following advice for anyone interested in enrolling at Illinois Tech: “Get involved early and often. Don't see your professors as just teachers, but as resources to really help you start your career. There are so many things that you can learn outside the classroom, but it all starts with you. Ask questions. Get advice. Take on fun projects. You'll easily get way more bang for your buck in your education, as well as in your future.”

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