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Data Science Alumni Spotlight: Meet Ying


Ying Wu

IT Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Pleasanton, CA
Graduation Year: 2017

Ying Wu recounts her experience in Illinois Tech’s data science program as the foundation for landing her first job after graduation. “The data science program provides students with in-depth computer science and mathematics training, as well as exposure to cutting-edge big data technologies, which helped me in getting my first job position as an IIT graduate.”

Ying Wu came to Illinois Tech from China. She studied psychology and management and decided to enroll in the data science program after reviewing the course offerings and opportunities in various practicum projects.

Wu commented that the campus environment provided opportunities to network with students and professors. She mentioned, “Professors really care about students’ success and provide great academic and professional support, such as forming a career plan.” She feels faculty were more than instructors, they were mentors.

Wu is currently an IT analyst and uses tools and technologies such as machine learning, statistics, and data visualization, all of which she studied in the data science program at Illinois Tech. She says, “I learned the process of solving analytical problems in projects which is very useful in my work environment.” For Ying Wu, these were the best features of the program, the array of courses offered and the opportunities to learn different programming languages and technologies.

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