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Shlomo Argamon Director
Shlomo Argamon
Computer Science
Expertise: Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Stylistics, and Information Retrieval.
Lulu Kang Associate Director
Lulu Kang 
Applied Mathematics
Expertise: Statistical methodologies with applications in engineering, including: multivariate interpolation, non-parametric modeling, design and analysis of experiments, computer experiments, Bayesian experimental design, engineering statistics.

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Associated Faculty

Gady Agam Gady Agam,
Computer Science
Expertise: Visual Computing, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Image and Video Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Geometric Modeling, Medical Imaging, Document Imaging, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Human-Computer Interfaces, Image-Based Rendering, Multimedia Computing, Graphics Recognition, Vision Geometry.
Mustafa Bilgic Mustafa Bilgic 
Computer Science
Expertise: Machine Learning, Active Learning, Active Inference, Probabilistic Graphical Models, and Statistical Relational Learning
Kelly Cherwin

Kelly Cherwin 
College of Science
Expertise: Organizational Behavior, Project Management, Strategic Management and Ethics

Aron Culotta Aron Culotta 
Computer Science
Expertise: Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Social Media Analysis
Boris Glavic Boris Glavic 
Computer Science
Expertise: Database systems, Data Provenance, Data Integration
Fred Hickernell Fred Hickernell 
Applied Mathematics
Expertise: Computational complexity of numerical problems, Experimental design, Multivariate numerical approximation and integration, Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods.
James Maciukenas 
College of Science
Expertise: Electronic interactive media, web design and development, user-centered research, visual and textual communication, history of technology.
Sonja Petrovic Sonja Petrović 
Applied Mathematics
Expertise: Algebraic statistics, applied and computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Goodness of fit tests and parameter identifiability problems for social networks and biology, Applications of discrete mathematics to statistics and algebra.
Ioan Raicu Ioan Raicu 
Computer Science
Expertise: Distributed Systems, Grid Computing, Supercomputing, Cloud Computing.


Professional Master's Program Director

Elizabeth Friedman Director, Professional Master's Programs and New Initiatives
Elizabeth Friedman, Ph.D. 
College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology

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