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Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics

According to the Princeton Review, "With technology's constantly expanding influence in our society, a major in Applied Physics could place you at the forefront of the next technology revolution." Applied physics combines fundamental research in physics with knowledge to solve real-world problems, putting graduates of this major in high demand by employers. Through research in applied physics, lasers in DVD players, flash memories in iPods, diagnostic tools for medicine, and many other cutting edge technologies have been developed. With this degree, graduates will be prepared to head straight into a career in a multitude of different areas, or to enter into a graduate program in physics, engineering, and many other non-physics related fields. College Board sums up this degree in one word: flexibility.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics degree at Ilinois Tech provides an option if you have a strong affinity for physics but wish to pursue a career in application of basic scientific principles to the design of equipment, including electronic and electro-mechanical systems for use in measurements, communications, and data acquisition. The program explores newly developing areas of physics, high technology, instrumentation, and communications. It provides you with a solid physics background, while allowing a significant engineering or other technical concentration.

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Specializations include aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.