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Bachelor of Science in Bioanalytical Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Bioanalytical Chemistry at Illinois Tech in Chicago

Bioanalytical chemistry is the study of modern techniques and chemical and biochemical methods and instrumental techniques for analysis and detection of biomolecules and biologically active molecules including small drugs, drug metabolites, proteins, peptides, antibodies, DNAs, enzymes, and biologics. Bioanalytical chemistry is a key discipline in biomedical research and applied to a study of biological processes, detection and diagnosis of human diseases, and preclinical and clinical trials of drugs and biopharmaceutical products in biological systems. Illinois Tech is the first university in the country to offer a B.S. in bioanalytical chemistry. Our degree provides you with an interdisciplinary background in bioanalytical principles and methods, and applications of analytical chemistry for detection, characterization, and quantification of bioactive molecules in biological systems.

You will have an opportunity to conduct undergraduate research with chemistry faculty in the areas of biosensor technology, microscopic protein detection, antibody drug conjugate (ADC) chemistry, and computational simulation of protein-protein interaction.

You will receive a rigorous education in traditional chemistry areas and the requisite knowledge and technical skills to develop a career in bioanalysis, biomedicine, biotechnology, clinical science, or pharmaceutical science. With this degree, you might apply for various lab positions in pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, clinics, biotech companies, other industry, or federal or state government. You also may pursue graduate studies in bioanalytical chemistry, biochemistry, biopharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical science, or pharmacology and earn an M.S. degree or Ph.D.

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