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Bachelor of Science in Biology

If your career and academic interests lie in the health professions including medicine, osteopathic medicine, and dental schools, the undergraduate Biology degree at Illinois Tech will provide you excellent preparation. The rigorous interdisciplinary program prepares you for careers in biotechnology, biochemistry and patent law, and environmental science.

Upon graduation, you will have the critical skills for immediate entry into positions in industrial, medical, and other research laboratories, as well as gaining the academic background to succeed in graduate programs in biotechnology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology.

Maintaing Illinois Tech's active learning philosophy, the Biology major's objectives offer you strong training in the areas of modern cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and physiology, supported by a solid foundation in mathematics and all the physical sciences. Illinois Tech is one of the few schools in the country to require interdisciplinary team work to develop real-world problem solving skills.

In addition, the undergraduate degree program is designed to give you broad opportunities to study advanced topics in biology, both in the classroom and by participating in undergraduate research projects.

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