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Bachelor of Science in Biology/Bachelor of Science in Psychology

This integrated dual-degree program for students interested in neuroscience leads to the Bachelor of Science in Biology and the Bachelor of Science in Psychology while maintaining the integrity and content of each individual degree program.

This program has two main target audiences:

  • Pre-health students (pre-MD, pre-clinical psychologist or psychiatrist) who are interested in neurological or behavioral issues. A challenging double major program will be an asset in the professional school application process, and this degree will provide an excellent preparation for the MCAT.
  • Students interested in moving on to graduate school in studies at the interface of biology and psychology, such as neuroscience, brain science, or cognitive science.

This degree program offers a number of advantages in preparing students to work in neuroscience:

  • It is one of the few integrated dual-degree programs in the country, offering extensive preparation for people who want to work at the intersection of these fields.
  • It provides students with hands-on research experience.
  • It follows the scientist practitioner model, which means it instills a scientific and research foundation for all work.
  • It assigns each student two advisers, one in biology and one in psychology, for comprehensive support and guidance.
  • Because it meets requirements of both biology and psychology degrees, it gives students the flexibility to branch in either disciplinary direction in the future, if they wish.
  • It enables students to earn both degrees in as little as four to four and a half years (faster with more AP credit).

Transfer students: Ask about an audit of your previous coursework to see what you need to take for this program.

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