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Bachelor of Science in Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry at Illinois Tech in Chicago

Computational chemistry and biochemistry is the application of computational methods to understand chemical and biochemical properties and processes. You will learn chemical and molecular modeling and simulation, computational chemical biology, computational drug design, Big Data in chemistry and biochemistry, and computational methods for data analytics. You will be prepared to advance in the rapidly growing fields of computational and data science, gaining a strong background in traditional chemistry areas combined with relevant and advanced skills in experimental and computational science.

Illinois Tech is the only university to offer a comprehensive computer-related chemistry and biochemistry program with course requirements covering chemical and biochemical science, computational techniques, and data science.

You will have an opportunity to conduct undergraduate research at the Pauling Computer Lab, designed for computational biochemistry, computer-aided drug design, quantum chemistry, and molecular modeling and simulation by the Department of Chemistry and College of Science.

With this degree, you might work in a computational modeling and informatics group for drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry or be a data analyst or a data scientist in government or academia, the private sector, a medical institute, or a research organization. You also can pursue graduate studies in computational chemistry, biochemistry, big data science, statistics, pharmaceutical science, or computer science and earn an M.S. degree or Ph.D.

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