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Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (BSCIS)


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems emphasizes the use of computers as sophisticated problem-solving tools. Students in this program pursue an interdisciplinary course of study that combines a solid foundation in computer science with a focus in another discipline. This program is designed for students who seek to blend their computer science abilities with skills specific to another domain to solve problems in that domain. Examples include computing with a business focus (e.g., management information systems) and computing with a natural science focus (e.g., computational physics).

Below, course numbers “300+” refer to courses at the 300-level and above. The titles and descriptions of courses marked (C): Communications General Education, (H): Humanities, (N): Natural Sciences (Psychology only), (S): Social & Behavioral Sciences, and (T): CS Technical Electives can be found in the » Undergraduate Bulletin.

» Objectives for the BS in Computer Information Systems

» Program Description

» Introductory Course Sequence

» Core and Advanced Courses