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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry at Illinois Tech in Chicago

Environmental chemistry applies chemical principles and methodologies to environmental phenomena and issues. The only program of its kind in the Chicago area, Illinois Tech’s B.S. in environmental chemistry offers you a rigorous education in traditional chemistry and structured, interdisciplinary training that combines chemistry and environmental science. In this chemistry-focused environmental science program, you will learn and discover chemical solutions to environmental issues: pollution of air and water, waste and recycling, climate change, environmental protection and remediation, energy, green chemistry, environmental analytical chemistry, environmental instrumental analysis, environmental toxicology, and more.

You will have opportunities to conduct biosensor technology research with chemistry faculty, monitoring pollution, microscopic detection of viruses, green chemistry and organic photochemistry, energy storage materials, and catalysis for solar energy conversion.

You will gain the technical skills to work in environmental science, environmental analytical chemistry, hydrologic science, atmospheric science, environmental toxicology, or environmental health science. You also will be prepared to pursue a graduate degree in environmental chemistry or science.

The program prepares you for jobs related to environmental instrumental analysis and control, monitoring, remediation, toxicology in industry and in federal and state government. This includes preparation for work with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Defense, departments of public safety, and others.

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