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Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry at Illinois Tech in Chicago

Medicinal chemistry is a specialized area with an emphasis on the study of drug design, drug synthesis, and pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. The program will provide you with a strong background in traditional chemistry as well as a fundamental understanding of the chemical, biological and pharmacological actions of pharmaceuticals and biomedical products. You will learn to apply biological, chemical, and data science to computer-aided design, synthesis, evaluation, and analysis of structurally diverse drugs for the detection, treatment, and cure of human diseases. You will learn various hands-on techniques by taking lab courses customized for industrial needs in addition to standard lecture-based courses. You will be trained for chemical and instrumental analysis, drug design and synthesis, separation and purification of small molecules and biomolecules, pharmaceutical quality control and assurance, and understanding drug action and safety.

The only program of its kind in Illinois, and one of only a handful in the country, Illinois Tech’s B.S. in medicinal chemistry will provide you with the technical skills to develop a career in biomedical science, bioanalytical science, biotechnology, medicine, or pharmaceutical science.

You will conduct cutting-edge research under the direction of chemistry faculty working on medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, including cancer drug discovery, computational drug design and modeling, and microscopic characterization of biomaterials for regenerative medicine.

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