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Undergraduate Summer Research: Shreyas Moudgalya

Shreyas Moudgalya, a junior computer science major/electrical engineering and applied mathematics minor, believes that the key to success is not working hard, but thinking outside the box. During his time at Illinois Tech, however, he hasn’t seemed to shy away from hard work. 

In his freshman and sophomore year alone, he has been a Hardware and GUI System Design intern at National Instruments, an international student ambassador for the Foundation for Student Science and Technology, Canada, was featured in various publications including LetsIntern for his project “Siri Style Resume,” and is currently creating a startup to help people make their own voice resume bots. He reached out to Ioan Raicu, associate professor of computer science, about research opportunities because he wanted to do something additional to complement his regular CS track. “I wanted to challenge myself more,” he said.

“There is a lot of competition, but if you stand out, you stand out.”

This summer, Moudgalya worked in Raicu’s DataSys lab alongside about 20 other undergraduate and graduate students working on various project through the BigDataX summer program. His research involves partitioning algorithms on large graphs that will be integrated to build the capacity of the Graph/Z scalable graph processing system. He has submitted his research findings for peer-reviewed publication to the prestigious IEEE/ACM Supercomputing/SC 2016 Conference, Student Research Track, which will be held in November 2016 in Salt Lake City Utah. Moudgalya said he pursued this summer research experience to learn what research is about and help him decide if graduate school is right for him.

Moudgalya is still weighing his options for after graduation, which include going directly into a computer science career or possibly pursuing a graduate degree in mathematical finance. Originally from India, he plans to stay in the United States until he is at least 30. He knows the competition in whatever he does after graduation will be fierce, but he is up for the challenge. “There is a lot of competition, but if you stand out, you stand out.” According to Raicu, Moudgalya does just that. He describes Moudgalya as “excellent in his technical skills, as well as his communication skills. He is very bright and very personable and has a great and enthusiastic attitude.”