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Undergraduate Summer Research: What Did You Do Last Summer?

The Undergraduate Summer Research Stipend program in Illinois Tech’s College of Science provides $5,000 scholarships supporting talented students as they spend 10 weeks working alongside renowned faculty on high-impact research projects.

Undergraduate research stipend recipient Yonas Gebre conducts research in Assistant Professor Bryce Littlejohn’s PROSPECT particle detector laboratory. By observing ghost-like antineutrino particles produced by nuclear reactors, this detector is probing the frontiers of physics while providing new information valuable to the nuclear power industry. Yonas and other students fabricated multiple PROSPECT sub-systems at Illinois Tech. Below, Yonas looks through one cell of the PROSPECT particle detector.



“As a physics student, I was introduced to a world of theorems and models that described the universe from a scale of subatomic particles to clusters of galaxies. The continuous search for new particles and new theories to describe them is what makes physics research really exciting to me.”

-- Yonas Gebre

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“I believe there are better ways to go about treating diseases without killing healthy cells, and I would like to help find the answers to complex diseases.”

-- Christian Jones

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“The sheer ingenuity of Ali’s research is well beyond what is expected from an undergraduate. He is smart, enthusiastic about research, and his innate ability to think outside the box is a perfect match for research.”

-- Assistant Professor of Biology Jean-Francois Pombert speaking about Ali Mahmoud

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“My favorite part about computer science and programming is that problem solving is so important. Nothing is better than when I finally break through the tough problem to get that ‘Eureka!’ moment.”

-- Anthony Fleck

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“The continued consumption of energy via unsafe fuels and insufficient structures is one of the biggest problems in the world today. My career goal is to chip away at that.”

-- Adam Kiolbassa

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“I want to combine my knowledge of the way the brain functions biologically with my knowledge of motives and drives and the basics of human behavior, to one day study neurodegenerative disorders like multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s.”

-- Sydney Lamarand

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“I gained a unique insight into the design of nuclear reactors and learned the value of the safe operation of them.”

-- William Limestall

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“There is a lot of competition, but if you stand out, you stand out.”

-- Shreyas Moudgalya

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“I learned not only the cellular functions that go awry in this disease, but also patience and critical thinking skills that are needed to be an impactful researcher and future physician.”

-- Evelyn Thomas

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“Ever since I took chemistry classes in high school, I knew my life would revolve around chemistry. I am fascinated by how observations of miniscule particles could explain almost all major phenomena in the universe.”

-- Akalanka Tennakoon

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